About Steel Frame Windows

Over the ages, steel windows have been forged from timeless designs to elegance and beauty. Architects and Interior Designers have burned long hours to capture the beauty of steel, its strength, versatility and customisability. Only Steel Frame Windows Melbourne can combine the best designs and quality production to end users, from design to installation and glazing.

Who We Are

Steelframe is a proven long term partner of choice in the residential and commercial Steel Frame Window & Door Manufacturing arena. Our ability to consistently deliver projects which exceed our client’s expectations is shaped by our commitment to supporting the best people with innovative market-leading processes and manufacturing techniques, which are focused on delivering exceptional value and ultimately perfect client outcomes.

We are a family-run company, who have over 30-years combined experience designing and building Steel Frame Windows, doors and anything in between.

Our Mission

We work with inspirational modern home and commercial architects and draftsmen and people just like you. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate your inner designer. The Steelframe Team never underestimate the importance of great design.

Style your fenestrations with flair by giving it your own personal touch, from initial design, frame type, colour, finish and Glass.

 That’s why we can work together with your architect and builder to make beautifully designed Steel Frame Windows & Doors a reality.

Whether you are renovating or building your dream home, developing commercial property or restoring heritage property, Steelframe believe you deserve a high quality personal, competitive service. We specialise in custom built Steel Frame Windows & Doors, each unique to its owner. From the design phase through to product selection, manufacture, installation and final glazing, Steelframe guarantees quality.


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